• - Whats YouLEAD Aikarthya -

    YouLEAD Aikarthya is a platform that nurtures leadership potential in young, socially motivated and conscious individuals;enabling them to take up responsibilities to realize the vision and mission of Aikarthya for a poverty free and equal society in our nation.


    Our leadership platform provides opportunity to more than 6 leaders to drive 100’s of volunteers across various projects at aikarthya.



    If you are keen on making this dream of ours your own… It's time #YouLEAD!

  • - ROLES -

    Project Coordinator

    Responsible for the smooth functioning of the project

    Time Commitment: 6 - 8 hrs weekly

    Total Positions: 2 Project Coordinator

    • Ensure achievement of project outcomes & maximize impact.

    • Provide direction and assistance to project's support teams like Operations, HR etc.

    • Visit centres / project activities regularly and monitor progress.

    • Constantly meet, report and maintain relations with centre management / partnering organisations (incl. centres)

    • Sustain current operations, and pursue opportunities for growth and expansion

    HR Coordinator

    Responsible for volunteer management

    Time commitment: 6 - 8 hrs weekly


    Total Postions: 1 HR Coordinator

    • Orient new volunteers and facilitate their induction into the project including centre / activity mapping

    • Track and maintain volunteer attendance within the project and participation in all Aikarthya activities

    • Frequently interact and resolve volunteer issues proactively

    • Constantly engage volunteers in project

    • Recognize and motivate volunteers periodically

    Events Coordinator

    Expert in executing the event in the best possible manner

    Time Commitment: 8 - 10 Hrs weekly

    Total Positions: 1 Events Coordinators

    • Execute events in coordination with the national team

    • Monitor and support in effective conduct of the event in an unbiased manner

    • Engage volunteers in preparation and continuous improvement of the quality of events

    • Periodically update Project Coordinator and National Teams on the progress and challenges

    Fund Raising Coordinator

    Responsible for raising sufficient funds​

    Time Commitment: 10 - 12 hrs weekly

    Total Positions: 1 Fund Raising Coordinators

    • Presenting Aikarthya to organisations, facilitating contributions and creating partnerships
    • Coordinate the implementation of monthly ECS contributions - volunteers, companies, well-wishers
    • Encourage volunteers to fund raise for Aikarthya and provide necessary support
    • Support in organizing fundraising events
    • Ensure proper accounting of donations and timely delivery of receipts to donors / sponsors
    • Maintain donor relations and constantly communicate about Aikarthyas happenings

    PR Coordinator

    Responsible for internal and external promotion

    Time Commitment: 10 - 12 hrs weekly

    Total Positions: 1 PR Coordinators

    • Presenting Aikarthya to organisations, and creating partnerships

    • Connect with teams (college student bodies, company CSR) for volunteering and identification of campus ambassadors

    • Plan and execute appropriate promotion and communication strategy to ensure maximum reach

    • Effectively use available communication platforms to share information

    • Ensure adherence of media and communication policy

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  • - ABOUT US -

    What is Aikarthya ?

    Aikarthya – is a registered non-profit and non-partisan youth led Social service organization, started in the year 2010 as the brain child of few close friends from different walks of life. The organization was setup with the idea of promoting Education for the under privileged and Youth Leadership. To unite Indian youth and work for the betterment of the Society.


    The impact is huge. It is the relentless efforts of our ever growing family working day in and day out.

    Vision & Mission

    Our’s Vision
    Our vision is to create a poverty-free Community driven by the next generation of home-grown leaders.

    Our’s Mission
    We work to bridge gaps in society by uniting youth from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with leadership, problem solving and teamwork skills, and engaging them in community service and active citizenship.

  • - CONTACT US -

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